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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Adventures with Bluebell Bunny

I love Instagram, it's friendly, creative and Inspiring. The accounts which I follow never fail to inspire me to pick up my hook and start a new project. Learn to knit or sew, or perhaps even inticing me into purchasing something, it's Usually yarn!! But recently I was amazed by the wonderful "miss Maggie rabbits" that have been created by various ladies on IG (Instagram).  

tried to resist but her gorgeous floral fabric ears kept nagging at me and eventually I caved and purchased the pattern. I set about looking for some felt, I thought to myself "I must have some that I've kept safe and hoarded for years" and I was right! I found some gorgeous neutral coloured felt that was just perfect. I carefully cut all of the pattern pieces out of paper and then felt and fabric and began stitching it up. As each stitch was created her character and personality grew. I apologise for lack of pictures here, I was too ingrossed to remember.  But I did get a picture of her when she was  finished..... 

Ta-dah!!! Isn't she pretty?! Her ears are cath kidston, I knew I wanted them to be floral and blue so this fabric seemed perfect!!! And of course a little crochet cardigan. 
I was unsure about one thing, though. And that was her name. I was asked serval times and I couldn't think. Until I took her for a walk one day with Winnie to the woods 

And I sat her down in the bluebells and then I realised.... 

.... what a gorgeous name that was!! Bluebell bunny. Yes I like that. 

I have since made her the little peasant dress that comes with the pattern. I can't wait to make her some more clothes when time allows. For a small bunny her clothing is rather time consuming!! But ever so worth it. 

I look forward to taking bluebell on more adventures and I also look forward to blogging about them. I hope you do too.         xXx 

Here's the link to the pattern, there is also a kit!!! 

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