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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

V stitch Love!

 This "v stitch" pattern has been all over Instagram recently. I had to give it a go! I went to my trusty stash of stylecraft special DK. 

I was loving the vintage inspired pallet. 

It grew very quickly! Soon enough it was done, but the next task was the ends!! There was lots to sew in. 

And then, after those (what felt like 100's!!) ends, and a simple
Border..........Ta dah. It was finished. I decided to call it "Morgan" after my nephew who chose the colours for this project. 

Overall I really recommend this stitch. Very quick and satisfying and it looks great when you use a load of colours! Which is great for a colour lover like me. 

In fact, I love this stitch so much it wasn't long before I started another blanket!! 

I chose a cath Kidston style combo for this one. 

Love how quick it grows!!! 

And this is how it currently looks. 30 ish rows into it. I'm working on it between other projects. So, what are you waiting for. Give the v stitch a go!! Xxxx

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Nordic shawl 💗

So over on Instagram my Friend over at @littleblackbarn and I decided to have a Nordic shawl cal! (Cal stands for crochet along) 

We invited a load of ladies on Instagram to crochet along side us and quite a few of them have :) 
The first job was to choose which yarn 
and what colours... This was a hard part for me, I changed my mind so many times! 

The rows worked up really quick, thanks to the very well written pattern by 'my rose valley' 

That's the grey part done. Now time for the colour play! 

It took me a while to decide what colour order to use.... 


And for a while I was unsure about the whole 'green/purple' thing. But my lovely Instagram friends convinced me to stick with it. 

And I'm pleased I did! 😃

Overall I am totally chuffed with my shawl 😃 I gifted it to a dear friend of mine and she was totally over the moon with it! I've now moved on to my 2nd Nordic shawl and I'm loving it 😃 I can't wait to share pictures of that one with you. Have a lovely weekend. 

xXx xXX 

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Granny blanket :)

Hello :) today's post is a ta-dah ish kind of post. I've already shared this blanket on Instagram but thought I'd give you a bit more info on it and share it on here too :) 

I started making these grannies squares a month or two back. 

The pile grew and grew. 

They were flying off my hook! 

Here is the final lay out I decided on. Then I had the task of choosing a joining colour. 

I decided on 'mocha', and I love it!! 


I guess I should now share a picture of it all spread out, so here it is in all it's blankety granny square glory. 


This is all the yarn I had left. Just enough!! I used style craft special dk. Ahhh I love that yarn!!! 
I really enjoyed making this blanket and it is now being enjoyed by its lovely owners. I always have a granny square blanket on the go so I have started another one now, I'll try and get round to posting about that soon :) 

xXx 💕 xXx

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Granny stripe love.

So, here's a little post about my new project which if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen me
Post about it already. 

Here's the yarn I'm using it's drops merino extra fine and it's super scrummy. These are the colours I have chose. 

What do you think? 

Started with yellows, then greens. I wanted a graduated colour kinda thing? 

Winnie and I enjoyed some outdoor hooky on holiday. These rows just seem to work up so quickly! 

I just had to show you this picture. I love it. And this colour has got to be one of my favourites.  

A final yarn order was needed and now I have enough yarn to complete the blanket. Hopefully! 

And one last picture to show you where I'm up to now. Oh these colours just make me smile!! Love love love!