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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Nordic shawl 💗

So over on Instagram my Friend over at @littleblackbarn and I decided to have a Nordic shawl cal! (Cal stands for crochet along) 

We invited a load of ladies on Instagram to crochet along side us and quite a few of them have :) 
The first job was to choose which yarn 
and what colours... This was a hard part for me, I changed my mind so many times! 

The rows worked up really quick, thanks to the very well written pattern by 'my rose valley' 

That's the grey part done. Now time for the colour play! 

It took me a while to decide what colour order to use.... 


And for a while I was unsure about the whole 'green/purple' thing. But my lovely Instagram friends convinced me to stick with it. 

And I'm pleased I did! 😃

Overall I am totally chuffed with my shawl 😃 I gifted it to a dear friend of mine and she was totally over the moon with it! I've now moved on to my 2nd Nordic shawl and I'm loving it 😃 I can't wait to share pictures of that one with you. Have a lovely weekend. 

xXx xXX 

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  1. This is so lovely! I may have to try this pattern at some point, and I love the colours you picked! x