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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Adventures with Bluebell Bunny

I love Instagram, it's friendly, creative and Inspiring. The accounts which I follow never fail to inspire me to pick up my hook and start a new project. Learn to knit or sew, or perhaps even inticing me into purchasing something, it's Usually yarn!! But recently I was amazed by the wonderful "miss Maggie rabbits" that have been created by various ladies on IG (Instagram).  

tried to resist but her gorgeous floral fabric ears kept nagging at me and eventually I caved and purchased the pattern. I set about looking for some felt, I thought to myself "I must have some that I've kept safe and hoarded for years" and I was right! I found some gorgeous neutral coloured felt that was just perfect. I carefully cut all of the pattern pieces out of paper and then felt and fabric and began stitching it up. As each stitch was created her character and personality grew. I apologise for lack of pictures here, I was too ingrossed to remember.  But I did get a picture of her when she was  finished..... 

Ta-dah!!! Isn't she pretty?! Her ears are cath kidston, I knew I wanted them to be floral and blue so this fabric seemed perfect!!! And of course a little crochet cardigan. 
I was unsure about one thing, though. And that was her name. I was asked serval times and I couldn't think. Until I took her for a walk one day with Winnie to the woods 

And I sat her down in the bluebells and then I realised.... 

.... what a gorgeous name that was!! Bluebell bunny. Yes I like that. 

I have since made her the little peasant dress that comes with the pattern. I can't wait to make her some more clothes when time allows. For a small bunny her clothing is rather time consuming!! But ever so worth it. 

I look forward to taking bluebell on more adventures and I also look forward to blogging about them. I hope you do too.         xXx 

Here's the link to the pattern, there is also a kit!!! 

Monday, 20 April 2015

New shades!!

Hello!!! Here I am again :) today I'd like to talk you about stylecraft special dk, my favourite acrylic yarn, and the 3 new shades that have been released!! 

I have been crocheting nearly 10 years now and when I first started off I used very cheap acrylic yarn which felt very "dry" if you understand my meaning. Scratchy, rough, slightly squeaky, you know the type. And it put me off buying acrylic yarn!! But as I was still learning I didn't want to spend a fortune on more expensive yarns so I perceived with this nasty acrylic..... Until..... A few years ago I discovered Lucy's wonderful blog known as 'attic24' and I noticed that serval times she mentioned a yarn called stykecraft special dk (dk stands for double knit) after investigating further all I could find were positive reviews of this yarn! So I knew I had to try it. So I bought the classic "Lucy pack" 

(Image from wool warehouse website) 

Oh wow!! Look at those colours, I was delighted when I received my yarn, 17 balls of pure pleasure!!! The first time I tried it I fell in love. Not like any other acrylic I had used in the past. Not dry, but silky. Not scratchy and rough. but soft. And not a single squeak. But one other huge bonus is the colours it comes in. I believe there's 58 different shades available! That leaves a lot of colour play doesn't it? I could spend hours putting together different pallets and combinations. Earlier on in April stylecraft released 3 new shades! Storm, Parma violet and sage. 


I'm sure you'll agree that they were certainly a welcome addition to the current shades. 

I've already had lots of fun playing with the colours and imagining future projects 

Ahhh!! Now that's a happy sight. A granny square in Parma violet, camel. Storm, mint ( which is stylecraft life), raspberry. Ice blue (life again), grape, parchment, Sage and pale rose. I love this very much. I can just imagine a large granny square blanket made in those colours. One day maybe.... 

For now these colours are what I'm working with. I'm making a very special blanket for the #thinkpinkraffle on Instagram if you're on Instagram then please go and check it out!! I will share my progress on here as I go. 

Of course I had to include one of the new shades!! I have a huge colour crush on sage at the mo. What's your favourite shade of stylecraft special dk? X 

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Crochet mood blanket 2015

Hello all, sorry I've not posted much over the last few months, I've been a bit slack on the blogging front haven't I? 

If you are looking for regular posts from me then you can find me most days on Instagram (@thelittlegreencupboard). 
But I do hope to blog a little more this year, we'll see how that goes!! 

Anyway here's a little picture of my current project (well one of them HAHA!) it's a "crochet mood blanket" the only rules of which are to make one square a day for the whole of 2015 and each square should reflect your mood from that day. Simple.  I kept seeing pictures on Instagram at the end of last year of everyone's mood blankets and I felt inspired and slightly jealous of these gorgeous blanket so I knew I had to make one this year!! So far I have kept up although we are only 2 weeks into the year heehee. 

I'm using drops alpaca and it's absolutely divine!!! I can't recommend it enough! it is a 4 ply yarn and I use a 3.5mm hook to make my 4 round granny squares. 

I like the mix of bright/muted colours. I'm hoping when it's all finished it should have a nice vintage feel to it. Hopefully. 

I don't really have any "rules" when it's comes to matching a colour to a mood. I express far too many feelings, moods and emotions throughout one day to choose just one colour to represent that whole day, so I usually pick a colour I feel drawn to at the time I make the square. For example -  This pink is the chosen colour for today's square.

Right I must dash as I'm about to make today's square, I'd love to know if anyone else is taking part in a mood blanket this year? Do let me know. 

Lots of love
 xXx Lulu xXX