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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Crochet mood blanket 2015

Hello all, sorry I've not posted much over the last few months, I've been a bit slack on the blogging front haven't I? 

If you are looking for regular posts from me then you can find me most days on Instagram (@thelittlegreencupboard). 
But I do hope to blog a little more this year, we'll see how that goes!! 

Anyway here's a little picture of my current project (well one of them HAHA!) it's a "crochet mood blanket" the only rules of which are to make one square a day for the whole of 2015 and each square should reflect your mood from that day. Simple.  I kept seeing pictures on Instagram at the end of last year of everyone's mood blankets and I felt inspired and slightly jealous of these gorgeous blanket so I knew I had to make one this year!! So far I have kept up although we are only 2 weeks into the year heehee. 

I'm using drops alpaca and it's absolutely divine!!! I can't recommend it enough! it is a 4 ply yarn and I use a 3.5mm hook to make my 4 round granny squares. 

I like the mix of bright/muted colours. I'm hoping when it's all finished it should have a nice vintage feel to it. Hopefully. 

I don't really have any "rules" when it's comes to matching a colour to a mood. I express far too many feelings, moods and emotions throughout one day to choose just one colour to represent that whole day, so I usually pick a colour I feel drawn to at the time I make the square. For example -  This pink is the chosen colour for today's square.

Right I must dash as I'm about to make today's square, I'd love to know if anyone else is taking part in a mood blanket this year? Do let me know. 

Lots of love
 xXx Lulu xXX 


  1. It sounds like a lovely idea for a blanket and the colours you have chosen look great so far :O)x

  2. Hi I have just ordered my Drops Alpaca for my mood blanket. We have had a dreadful thing happen to our home (Christmas eve and still not sorted but, getting there) I think my blanket would have been very dark and have had an unhappy feel if I had started in Januaryso I am going to start it when our home is fixed, it will be smaller and I will do the maths to see how many squares wide by long it will be when I am ready to start, I have chosen ten colours so far. Thanks for being there in blogland its a fabulous community and I am grateful to be part of it xx