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Monday, 20 April 2015

New shades!!

Hello!!! Here I am again :) today I'd like to talk you about stylecraft special dk, my favourite acrylic yarn, and the 3 new shades that have been released!! 

I have been crocheting nearly 10 years now and when I first started off I used very cheap acrylic yarn which felt very "dry" if you understand my meaning. Scratchy, rough, slightly squeaky, you know the type. And it put me off buying acrylic yarn!! But as I was still learning I didn't want to spend a fortune on more expensive yarns so I perceived with this nasty acrylic..... Until..... A few years ago I discovered Lucy's wonderful blog known as 'attic24' and I noticed that serval times she mentioned a yarn called stykecraft special dk (dk stands for double knit) after investigating further all I could find were positive reviews of this yarn! So I knew I had to try it. So I bought the classic "Lucy pack" 

(Image from wool warehouse website) 

Oh wow!! Look at those colours, I was delighted when I received my yarn, 17 balls of pure pleasure!!! The first time I tried it I fell in love. Not like any other acrylic I had used in the past. Not dry, but silky. Not scratchy and rough. but soft. And not a single squeak. But one other huge bonus is the colours it comes in. I believe there's 58 different shades available! That leaves a lot of colour play doesn't it? I could spend hours putting together different pallets and combinations. Earlier on in April stylecraft released 3 new shades! Storm, Parma violet and sage. 


I'm sure you'll agree that they were certainly a welcome addition to the current shades. 

I've already had lots of fun playing with the colours and imagining future projects 

Ahhh!! Now that's a happy sight. A granny square in Parma violet, camel. Storm, mint ( which is stylecraft life), raspberry. Ice blue (life again), grape, parchment, Sage and pale rose. I love this very much. I can just imagine a large granny square blanket made in those colours. One day maybe.... 

For now these colours are what I'm working with. I'm making a very special blanket for the #thinkpinkraffle on Instagram if you're on Instagram then please go and check it out!! I will share my progress on here as I go. 

Of course I had to include one of the new shades!! I have a huge colour crush on sage at the mo. What's your favourite shade of stylecraft special dk? X 

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  1. Hey there, such pretty colours. I especially love the grey. Beautiful blog.... and so nice to meet ya.